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There are a lot of people around me, they look forward to owning their own strength and hope, they desire to be successful and wealthy, and have tried to do. Also has such a group of people, they always carry a dream, hoping to achieve their social value as a citizen through the realizing of others’ value, thus, realize the unity of the value and significance of life. Everyone has their own ideal home, which should be full of love and light, passion and mission. When suffering from the pain and still can’t find it, they finally create it with their own hands----Dream.

For dreams, they choose to merge, gather, develop and forge ahead, and "we" are just such a group of people.

The moral of Dream DIANGUANG:The core is to let more people realize the value and the dream.

The concept of Dream DIANGUANG: The values, beliefs, and behaviors that are formed and are generally observed in practice. Different culture decides different enterprise styles. Culture is the conscious behavior without system.

The basic content of Dream DIANGUANG cultural system:

Culture: Realize values happily, develop and use ability, no pains no gains.

Business philosophy: To find, dig out and use one's talents, to achieve the greatest degree of value in people and matter.

Vision: we hope that, with the unremitting efforts, employees can achieve the maximum development. Through the connection between enterprises, employees can realize the value maximization in wealth. We look forward to making more people gain hope and confidence, so as to achieve the mission of promoting the industry development and returning back to the society.

Spirit: Rank foremost among industry, strive for world brand.

Slogan: Converge talent, glorify DIANGUANG.

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